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My name is Shannon. I attended your meeting here in Vegas last year. My sister paid a lot of money to work with your company. So far you have not called her, or contacted her on any progress or update on her status. I know you are committing fraud. It has been a year now and we are going to take action. I'd like to rectify this if your company will just do your part of the contract or give her her money back. If I don't hear from you, I will take this to court and you will receive a letter to appear in court.

Shannon Burke

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any new updates locating Syd? He owes me $

email me

Income Strategies Institute - David Schauss Retirement seminars..over70 target.

Pontiac, Michigan 0 comments

David Schauss was doing the same thing to take the elderly funds and reinvest them where?In his private account that is what he had done with the check made out to Fidelity Investment.

Beware of this seminar he is there to have your money invested into his account for his financial gain. Check out the broker profile before you invest your hard earned money you may never ever see it again.He should not be in touch with the public funds. He can take every dime you thought you were going to leave your love ones long before you know it.......just beware it takes a long time to save for some one to steal in just a few seconds.

Don't give your money away..

Income Strategies Institute

Lawrence, New York 5 comments

Prior posters speak the truth.

Just attended a 3 day seminar filled with lies and misrepresentations of fact by speakers with 2 first names.

Ricky Frank ex NFL player -- NO RECORD in NFL

Steven Craig ex NBA player -- NO RECORD in NBA

A very slick sophisticated scam to separate a fool from his/her $$ and make themselves rich.

Found record of "canned speeches" through Google search identical to what I heard.

Most info that ISI charges for is available for FREE online

Biggest scammer of all is Sidney Sperry, owner, who tugs at your heart with emotional pleas about how caring and understanding he is.

Don't be fooled, I sure wasn't

Wanda Jusko

Setauket, NY

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Santa Clara, California, United States #960076

We attended the three day seminar in January 2006 in San Mateo.We signed up for a few course which cost us $13,995!

We found the information was trite and useless. We tried to get our money back but to no avail. We even wrote a letter to our credit card company but that failed too.

Do not fall for their tricks!Do not sign up for these useless real estate classes!!!

Hurdland, Missouri, United States #11203

No response defending the company from any official company spokesperson indicates that all the previous statements from seminar attendees regarding fraud and deception MUST BE TRUE.

Kiss-*** employees whose jobs are on the line and depend on the scam for continued employment, who have responded on other sites defending their scammer company, HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY.

Why aren't the Feds putting these White Collar criminals in Levenworth?

Hurdland, Missouri, United States #9900

Surprised that the Feds from the Justice Department don't independently monitor these sights to determine which White Collar criminals to investigate and indite.

Hurdland, Missouri, United States #7052

Sounds like the same BS from the seminars I attended.

From what I was told by the seminar organizers they must be pulling in $500,000 per week 52 weeks per year from "students".

That's a $26 million a year company.

These people don't have time to make the investments they claim to be making or want you to make.

They're TOO BUSY stealing your money under false pretences at seminars.

Why invest in stocks, Forex and Real Estate when you can RIP OFF people to the tune of $26 million per year?

Hurdland, Missouri, United States #6534

Wanda is correct.

We must have been at the same seminars.

Grow Rich Stay Rich aka Income Strategies Institute's goal is to take $8,000-$33,000 of your money under the guise of a teacher-student, mentor-student relationship.

Everything these *** artists tell you is a grain of truth surrounded by a mountain of lies geared to make themselves RICH and you POOR.

QUESTION: If you found a unique way to earn hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for yourself through Real Estate, Stocks and other Financial Markets WOULD YOU sell your ideas to thousands of people thereby increasing your own competition and decreasing your own income OR would you be quiet and unassuming and go about your business making yourself millions?

ANSWER: You go about your business making yourself millions because you're too busy MAKING YOUR OWN MONEY to be selling your ideas to others.


It's onE giant *** GAME.

Amazed that a US ATTORNEY has not issued FEDERAL INDICTMENTS and sent the whole lot of these crooks to jail.

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Income Strategies Institute - Income Strategies Misrepresents Their Services

Denver, Colorado 3 comments

I have the same complaint as Ed from Pasadena, CA. We were foolish enough to enroll and have not received what we were promised. The online classes have been cancelled or had technical problems more times than not. The books have very little useful information. The classes are not scheduled in as many locations as they said and have been VERY difficult to attend. Often there isn't enough notice to get airfare and hotel reservations. We were told the Asset Protection class would be held every other month--after we paid we were told it was only twice a year (not every 6 months so you could plan better) and with VERY little notice. Is anyone else out there interested in taking legal action?





Is this the Steven Craig that was married to Marie Osmond?

Hurdland, Missouri, United States #4457

Went to one of their 3 day seminars locally.

Obviously a very slick, sophisticated scam with loads of misrepresentations that could be uncovered nightly through online research and follow-up.

Speaker Ricky Frank a former NFL player -- No record in NFL

Speaker Steven Craig a former NBA 1980 76ers Draft pick -- No record in NBA

And on and on

"A fool and his/her money are soon parted"

I'm no fool

Golden City, Missouri, United States #4422

I have had nothing but trouble with this company since they got $20K from me for their "courses"

I woould be interested in joining in a lawsuit and am thinking of calling an attorney, but not sure how to go about this nor do I have a list of other scammed people

Pls email me at if you know or are interested in a lawsuit

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